Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Shake Shakes (You Can Run Single)

A repost, by request, originally posted 11-3-10, new rips and scans.
The Shake Shakes appear to have been from California. They released a second single titled Don't worry 'bout The Night / Fools don't mind, before disappearing into Powerpop obscurity.  Richard Snyder went on to play with Captain Beefhearts Band. If you look in the comments someone was nice enough to leave some info on the band.

Line Up-

Mario Rojas - Guitar, Vocals
Gary Riley - Guitar, Vocals
Richard Snyder - Bass
Pierre Dupuy - Drums
David Musick - Guitar, Organ,Vocals

Notown Records 1979

1. You Can Run
2. Who's Got My Baby

♫♫♫...You Can't Hide Your Tears...♫♫♫


jeffen said...

Whatta great song. Awesome work, as always.

Anonymous said...

I can help you out here. The band was together for 2-3 years after this single. Pierre, Gary and Rick later went on to spend over fifteen years performing in The Mystery Band. Gary currently performs in several bands including The Groovy Rednecks and The Roadkill Kings. Pierre performs with a group called Wreck N Sow, and after Wreck N Sow's show this Saturday (4/9/11) at Mother's Tavern in Sunset Beach, CA, The Shake Shakes (minus Dave Musick) will reunite for the first time in several decades. Wreck N Sow at 3 pm...The Shake Shakes at 7:30ish. Google or Facebook search any of the bands mentioned for more info.

Frank Miller said...

Excellent! wish I could have gone; thanks for all the info.

Anonymous said...

The Shake Shakes will unite once again this Saturday, Oct. 1st at Mother's Tavern in Sunset Beach, CA.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the info; I'll post it on my message board.

Robin said...

I, too, have had little luck in finding them on the web. However - The Shake Shakes will be playing Saturday, Nov. 19th at The Press in Claremont. www.thepressrestaurant.com.
I can't wait!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the info Robin, how was the show?

Anonymous said...

Please re-up this, Frank?

Frank Miller said...

Check back this week, I'll try to post it for you.

Anonymous said...

Mario Rojas is a singer songwriter who fronts his own band Mario Rojas and A Saturday Night Pink. Check out the CDs. Gary and Mario get together every so often and play under various names.

Frank Miller said...

I'll check that out, thanks for the info.