Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Remains Nonviewable is The Effigies second release and a absolute essential Chicago punk single. Bodybag is just brutal, I love the sound of the guitar. My copy has a flyer bashing the Ramones and explaining to you why Punk Rock is Fascist,Racist, and Sexist. I included a scan of it for laughs. If you cant read it I'll try to upload a better scan.Formed in early 1980, the Effigies were one of Chicago's first punk rock bands. Along with bands like Naked Raygun and Strike Under, the Effigies were instrumental in developing what became the dominant sound in the first generation of Chicago punk: driving, guitar-heavy noise which often leapt unabashedly into catchy melodies. The Effigies rode hard in those heady days of the last decade, putting on manic live gigs, touring the U.S. in a used van, and putting out their own records on Ruthless Records, a chimerical label existing solely as the cooperative efforts of the Effigies, Naked Raygun and Steve Albini (Big Black). A Chicago Sun Times article from December16, 1999 talks about Chicago Punk circa 1985. The band split in 1986. It re-formed in 1987, performed under different lineups, and split again around 1990. In 1992, the Effigies re-united for a reunion show; the original members getting together for the closing days of Chicago's notorious club, Exit. In 1995, the original members agreed to re-release some of their early material on CD. "Remains Nonviewable" was released by Touch & Go Records in late 1995. The band played gigs in Chicago clubs in December, 1995 and in early 1996. The Effiges reformed in 2004 with new guitarist Robert McNaughton and have been playing shows around the Midwest and California, their new release "Reside "is AVAILABLE NOW Get it HERE


topper said...

honestly speaking...the Effigies never broke my heart. I have their first lp (INK) and their second one remains nonviewable

Bodybag seems to me their best song...but i will listen to it again

Time has changed maybe


This single is my favorite Effigies record with the Were da machine E.P. comming in a close second.I posted that E.P, when I started this site and they made me take it down. Haunted town is also great which I guess is considered an E.P. I believe For Ever Grounded is the first LP.
Thanks topper

WHEELZ said...

Happy to see you goin' at it full bore, Frank.
The Effigies were really a great band, they just got overshadowed by Naked Raygun. Like myself, I think that people took to Raygun's more accessible melodies and sense of humor. The Effigies flat out destroyed, on their best songs. This was a killer 7" and wasn't too well played in punk radio circles.
Give a listen to "Below The Drop", from the Haunted Town 12", and you'll see how powerful they were. I love the way that it builds up and explodes.
Thanks for the great obscure and not-so-obscure music. Pleeeeeeease, keep it going.
Talk soon.