Monday, April 19, 2010

Identity Parade (Various Artists)

Staying within the Powerpop Vein, The Direct Hits, Back To The Sixties is a monster, and another one of my favorites. It resides here on this compilation which showcases some bands from the Manchester scene around 1980. There's a note on the back cover from Pete Baker, (a DJ from Manchester's, Piccadilly Radio), who proclaims Punk Is Dead... Viva La Revolution ! I would have included the whole record but, I'm afraid I'm going to have to buy more band width soon so I just picked my favorites.
TJM Records 1980


kris said...

thanks a lot!
let me know if you find the bootleg LP by Direct Hits:

Frank Miller said...

Hi Kris, I asked around, and noone I know has it. If I ever come by it, and it's good, maybe I'll post it for you.