Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Early Hours ( Evolution )

The Early Hours were from Perth Australia, they formed the group around 1995 when brothers Kirk and Chet Pohl hooked up with their school friends Matt Davis and Sean Carthew. They started the group, to record 60’s influenced pop. Initially, they never intended to perform live, but changed their minds in order to promote their music. Their first lp was recorded before ever playing a gig together, I found that pretty interesting. As far as I can tell, In all they recorded 2 full lengths, 1 single, and a best of disc. I found no info to lead me to believe they were out past the late 90's. I found an interview with the band HERE , and a biography page HERE . My copy of Evolution is a special edition, on the French Hellfire Club Records label. It consists of two 7 inches on red and yellow vinyl.
Hellfire Club Records 1997


Suso 6 said...

Grat power pop!!! Thankx.


Your welcome, I've always been amazed how many great bands have, and continue to come from Austalia. They really get it.

Tyson said...

This is my Step Brothers band (Sean Carthew)

They did a reunion gig about a year ago, but a few of the members have moved on to a new side project.

I'll send him in this direction and get him to shed some light if you like.