Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Reruns (Since You Gotta Cheat Single)

I posted this 9/24/2008 and The song So So Alone wasn't even in the download file. I just noticed it, nice to see your all paying attention. Anyway here's a re post of it. This is an awesome record with buzzsaw guitars. Both tracks are catchy as hell. This info is from a cool website called Nestor In Detroit , it covers the Detroit scene. Go check it out. The Reruns were part of the original wave of bands that spearheaded that influential early Detroit “punk scene” in the late 1970s. The true story of this exciting era in music is yet to be written, but places like Lili’s & Paycheck’s in Hamtramck, Bookie’s & the Red Carpet in Detroit were soon hopping to the sounds of a whole new generation of bands, whose influence extended far beyond those tiny little clubs. The Reruns were an important part of this early scene and more importantly, their music is just “too damn” good to be forgotten.The Reruns were a band from Hamtramck and they never let anybody forget that. Their overriding characteristic was a sense of humor that managed to permeate everything they ever did. An short interview in White Noise from 1979 managed to cover the all of the following topics: the closing of the Dodge Main plant in Hamtramck, a stabbing at a recent show, movie host Bill Kennedy and the goofy last names that the Reruns use to protect their real identity. The Reruns musical legacy was fairly brief: a couple of singles that are now virtually impossible to find and one song that was included on the “Detroit on a Platter” compilation, which is slightly less than impossible to find. In keeping with the Reruns tradition, “So So Alone” managed to get included on a couple of compilations without anybody realizing it.The Reruns music was pigeonholed as being “power pop” and it got lost in the shuffle with all of the punk music being put out during that time. However, a listen to the Reruns today goes a long way toward dispelling that misconception. The Reruns sound just as vital today as they did back at Lili’s.Actually, the Reruns just didn’t vanish off the face of the earth after 1981. After the Reruns broke up, Dave, Al and Kenny their aliases and formed the Polish Muslims, whose brand of humor and music has been entertaining fans to this very day.


Anonymous said...

Awesome single! I had never heard of these guys before. I'm gonna check out that interview now.



Thanks for the comment, I used to have their other single years ago, but I got rid of it. So I guess I must not of liked it much. At least back then anyway. My tastes have changed through the years but, I definately remember this being the better of the two though.

Anonymous said...

I am HUGE ReRuns fan...

I didnt know anything about them until I met the orginal drummer. He is a good friend of mine, and spoke of "back in the day" and his time with The Reruns. I was stunned to find out just how important they were to the Detroit Music scene. Currently I am trying to find the three records that were released by them. I have the single that includes "So so alone" But I'm having a hard time finding the other two. As well as a copy of the interview in White Noise. Even though I was 5 yrs old when they hit the scene, I can see that their music would stand up on the charts even today.
I am hoping to catch the Polish Muslims or The Earworms (The other three members additional side project) At a show, since I hear that they close their show with one of their Reruns songs.
It's always great to see new posts about this band...it keeps my hope alive for a full out Rerun reunion ! If anyone does have any Rerun memoriabila to sell..please contact me alexis_arkeus@yahoo.com

Frank Miller said...

If I lived in the area I would definately check them out. I used to see the second single now and then but I havn't come by it in a while. Thanks for the comment.