Sunday, April 11, 2010


London's Speedometors Formed in 1976. They released two singles, this one (on Mascot Records) was the first. A second single titled Tonight Tonight, and A full length titled Day In The Lights were both released on the Acrobat label. Their line up was; Martin Finlay(guitar, vocals), Toose Taylor(guitar, vocals), Robbie Watson(bass, vocals), and Lol Gellor(drums) who later left the band ,and was replaced by Steve Parry who came from The Radio Stars.
By the end of 1979 the band went in different directions to pursue other avenues.
References - Speedometors MYSPACE
Mascot Records 1977
1. Disgrace
2. Work


roberto said...

I've had this years ago,Disgrace is a great song with a melancholy feel...thanks

Anonymous said...

there is also an ep issued from Macot in 1979 titles "liverpool ladies Ep" - Luke13 (Italy)

bristolboy said...

The "Liverpool Ladies" EP doesn't exist. It was in the press as a new release but never happened.