Sunday, April 11, 2010


Matchbox Classics was a independent label that released mainly singles by bands from, or near Carlisle, Cumbria, England, UK. I tried looking these bands up separately and found little info on any of them. All the tracks are pretty good on here but for me, the standouts are The Spivs, MR. Bulder, No Support, and The Limps. As always, your welcome to add to this.
Matchbox Classics 1980
1. The Spivs - Maybe It's Different
2. The Pedestrians - Walk It
3. Mr. Bulder - She Knows
4. No Support - Prophetic Justice
5. Veldt - Bleak
6. The Toolbox Murderers - Alco
7. Kirsty And The Husbands - Sitting In A Disco
8. The Limps - So Nice


topper said...

yes the Limps are my favourit here,

thanx Frank (got this one also)

nicholas said...

was the singer on the pedestrians track 'walk it', we were 12/13 years of age at the time, don't know about a reunion ....but u never know.....still rockin' !

Frank Miller said...

Hi Nicholas,
Did The Pedestrians get to record anything else ?It's a cool track, by the way. Especially for a bunch of 12 an 13 year olds.Thanks for the comment.

Mani1964ce said...

Facebook link - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Matchbox-Classics-Records/289994367153?ref=ts

Anonymous said...

Hi from Jeff Deaf, singer with the Toolbox Murderers.This ep has just sold on ebay for £18. I,d like to know how many it sold at the time. Got no royalties through haha

Frank Miller said...

Hi Jeff,
Unfortunately that’s usually the case; thanks for the record, and the comment.