Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Clones (Tired Of Hiding Single)

A repost, originally posted 5/27/10. New rips and scans, Enjoy!
  The Clones were a New South Wales Australian band, who formed in 1978.They became popular, playing around Sydney, and released One single in 1980, on RCA records. It hit #87 on the national charts, and sold around 2000 copies. By late 1980 due to many of the usual reasons, The Clones called it a day. Their last ever gig was at the Betsy nightclub in North Sydney. Members of The Clones went on to form Sydney bands, such as ;The Persuaders, The Reasons Why, and The Touched. Check out their OFFICIAL SITE , it goes into allot of detail on the history of the band.

RCA Records 1980

1. Tired Of Hiding
2. Happy I'm With Her

♫♫♫...I'd Do Almost Anything...♫♫♫


bristolboy said...

thanks for the heads up on their website - well worth the visit

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome, thanks for the comment !

Mark Alchin said...

Thanks for this Frank!
A very nice rave to get after all these years.
Also - Tired of Hiding was covered by Squire in 1984 on their September Gurls EP
The MySpace page is now fine by the way - the spam has been deleted.
(ex-The Clones)