Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Tools (Hard Wark Single)

A repost by request. Originally posted 9/24/08. New rips and scans, Enjoy!
The Tools were a San Francisco four piece that release three great singles and had a track on the San Francisco Underground comp.

Line up -

Michael Fox - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Lloyd Love - Bass, Backup Vocals
Greg Baker - Drums, Backup Vocals
Roxanne Whitely - Backup Vocals

Subterranean Records 1980

1. Hard Wark
2. The Road Forever

♫♫♫...I Don't Wanna Go To War...♫♫♫


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Tools was a great band, but their best 7" is, in my opinion, the smoke filled rooms/adopted procedure. Great job anyway; thanks for posting it


Your welcome