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A repost by request. Originally posted 12/9/08. New rips and scans, Enjoy!
   Boys Life were a Malden, Massachusetts four piece that formed around 1979. I read the average age of the band was 16 when they started. Their first EP was produced by Cars drummer, David Robinson. John's brother Dave (a graduate of Colby College and a former manager of a Strawberries Record Store) managed the act and wrote lyrics. The EP made the "Future's Jackpot" column in the well respected CMJ New Music Report. The act opened for friends, The Jam, at the Ritz, The Channel and The Orpheum (5-21-82), as well as a famous jam session with Paul Weller and Bruce Foxton held at the tiny Underground nightclub.

Line up -

John Surette - Lead Vocals Organ, Guitar
Joe McCormack - Bass
Neal Sugarman - Saxophone
Robert Weiner - Drums, Vocals
   The Outlets attained success in the greater Boston music scene but failed to gain national attention. They are best known for the single "Knock Me Down", a regional hit. The band reunited in the late 1990s. and then again in 2005. Barton's son plays in the bands Call of Decency and Altitude Zero, bands which originated at the Fenn School.
Barton's brother, Rick went on to be a founding member of Dropkick Murphys, though he has subsequently left the group. He is currently on tour with his new band Everybody Out. Walter Gustafson's post-Outlets resume includes several tours drumming for Gang Green as well as stints with The Freeze and Nervous Eaters. Barton boys' cousin, Somerville, MA guitarist/songwriter Bill Trudell cowrote many Outlets songs and helped define The Outlets' early sound. Trudell released a collection of songs entitled Pleasure Package in June 2008.

Line up -

David Alex Barton - Vocals, Guitar
Rick Barton - Guitar, vocals
Mike White - Bass, Vocals
Walter Gustafson - Drums

Modern Method Records 1980

1. Boys Life - Perfect Life
2. Boys Life - More Trouble For Modern Man
3. The Outlets - Knock Me Down
4. The Outlets - You Told Me

♫♫♫...She Thinks I'm A Jerk...♫♫♫


WHEELZ said...

I saw The Outlets only once and just by chance as they happened to be on a local bill with Adrenalin O.D. and Nuclear Assault(????). In my opinion, they were the best band of the night altough not too many others would agree. Unfortunately, they got stuck in the middle of a hardcore/speed metal bill and even though they had Walt Gustafson from Gang Green on drums; practically no one was actually watching the band. They hit the stage loaded with energy and good hooks. This single is the closest thing that I've heard to what I saw live that night but still doesn't come close, and their other recorded output is even further away. Maybe someone somewhere has some video to back up what I'm saying. Hmmmmm!

Al said...

I agree... it was the live thing with them. Boys Life were a sort of mod/pop band who had some local success in the early 80s. Saw them open for the Jam a few times. Sax/guitar/bass/drums lineup, some good songs, some not-so-good.

Niteowl83 said...

Frank, could you repost this? Thanks.

Frank Miller said...

You got it, Enjoy!

Jim H. said...

not bad stuff, tho the Outlets had better material later on....i remember auditioning for a band that leader John Surette was putting together here in Boston in the mid-late 80s......thanks!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Jim, thanks for the comment.

Jim P. said...

Thanks a million for this one!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome ! I see your from Maine. I went to Bar harbor once and loved it; beautiful area. We took a cruise to Nova Scotia from there also; we had a nice time. Thanks again for the comment!