Thursday, June 4, 2015

Abstracts (Take Me Away Single)

This is a repost by request. Originally posted 8/20/11. New rips and scans, enjoy!
Abstacts were a short lived New Jersey Five piece; that were around in the early Eighties. I Know the cover doesn't look like much; but don't be fooled, this is a N.J. Powerpop Classic! As is usually the case; with bands such as this, info is scarce. I'm pretty sure this was their only single; and it may have been self released, as I don't recall ever seeing anything else on this label.

Dave Biglin - Keyboards, and Vocals
Michael Liloia - Bass, and Vocals
Slim Hacker - Guitar
Joe "Loobie" Lewis - Guitar, and Lead Vocals
Joe Vangieri - Drums

Post Modernist Records 1981

1. Take Me Away
2. It's Me

♫♫♫...I Can Dance Better Than You...♫♫♫


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