Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Limits (What You Do, I Get Excited)

This is a repost, by request. Originally posted 10/31/08. New rips and scans, enjoy!
The Limits, one of Eastern Pennsylvania's first garage/Brit influenced bands, sprang up in Allentown, Pa, in late 1964. The Lehigh Valley area was an amazing collective of musicians, teen clubs, radio DJ's, friends and fans. Along with The Limits, bands like Kings Ransom, Squires, Shillings, Uproar, and national hitmakers Jay & the Techniques all enjoyed varying success, regularly playing under 21 clubs such as The Purple Owl, The Mad Hatter, The Mod Mill, and King Arthur's Court. Fast forward to '79..years of music interspersed with life, meditation, medication, mediation, speculation...and the stirring of the sound known as THE LIMITS to reincarnate. Welcome Peter Smoyer and Hub Willson (of Shillings fame.) The band put out 4 lps and several singles and e.ps . They released a collection of their best recordings from 1979-88, entitled songs about girls, that you can download Here. Rick Levy (guitarist, vocals) has gone on to perform with Herman's Hermits, Tommy Roe, Jay & the Techniques, Freddy Cannon and other 60's legends...
Flying Governor Records 1982

1. What You Do (I Get Excited)
2. Run For You

♫♫♫...I Get Turned On...♫♫♫

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