Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Boom (Nancy Packs A Piece)

The Boom were a Boston four piece that formed in 1979. This was there only single, 500 were pressed. If you would like to learn more about the band, I found This Page for your reading pleasure.

Line Up

Jeff Matthews - Vocals, Guitar
Ron Hendel - Vocals, Guitar
Rob Falk - Bass
Tom Lamont - Vocals, Drums

Hand To Mouth Records - 1981

1. Nancy Packs A Piece
2. Shot Down

♫♫♫...She Blew Me To Bits...♫♫♫


Zachary said...

Thanks!! I love your blog... I found one of my favorite releases here: Shadowfax - The Russians Are Coming. :)

Frank Miller said...

Glad your enjoying the blog Zachary. Thanks for the comment!

Philippe Thivillier said...

Great blog but you already know...
Thanks a million for the sharing.



Frank Miller said...

Thank you Philippe, I really appreciate the comment!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I went looking for "Nancy Packs a Piece" today because of the announcement of Nancy Reagan's death ... thanks for posting it!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome, thanks for the comment!

Rob Falk said...
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Rob Falk said...

Thank you for the nice comments on Shot Down!

Here is a link to Nancy Packs a Piece for those who were looking.


Frank Miller said...

Thanks Rob, for the comment and the cool tunes!