Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Cute Lepers (So Screwed Up Single)

Here's a great record from Seattle Washington's The Cute Lepers. Their sound is a mix of 70's retro Powerpop and punk. The band was started by Steve E. Nix of The Briefs in 2007 and I guess you could say they really don't stray too far from the Briefs musically but, they definitely have a poppier edge.
As far as I know they have at least five singles, a couple of splits, and two full lengths. All their records are definitely worth picking up. It looks as though their in the middle of an over seas tour right now promoting their new LP "Smart Accessories". I hope to get a chance to see them live one day. Here's some sites where you can pick up some of their merchandise and learn more about them. Official Website , Myspace , and Wikipedia .
Drunk' N ' Roll Records 2007
1. So Screwed Up
2. Cool City

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