Sunday, May 16, 2010

Masterswitch (Action Replay single)

Masterswitch were a London based five piece that formed in 1976. Band members were; Jimmy Edwards, (vocals) Ray Simonee,(guitar) Steve Wilkes, (guitar) Mark Steed, (bass) and Martin Lee (drums).
This was their only release, and what a release it was, a real classic! Unfortunately, due to many of the usual reasons, 1978 saw Masterswitches end.
I found some info on WIKIPEDIA that said: Jimmy and Ray went on to join Time UK with former The Jam drummer Rick Buckler. After three singles they split, although Jimmy and Buckler formed the short-lived Sharp with Buckler's ex-Jam band mate Bruce Foxton. It looks as though, Detour, or one of their affiliated labels is releasing Masterswitches unreleased LP. I couldn't actually find it for sale but for more band info, and info on the LP, you can look HERE .
Epic Records 1978
1. Action Replay
2. Mass Media Meditation


Anonymous said...

hi i have got the unreleased lp it is superb if it had been released in 1978 they would have been huge try and get your self a copy you wont be disapointed

Frank Miller said...

Where did you get it ?

bristolboy said...

here's the link to buy one http://www.detour-records.co.uk/ONLYFITFORTHEBIN.htm it's well worth the money

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the link Bristolboy. While I'm at it , I'm gonna pick up the Acme Sewage Co disk as well. I always wanted to hear more from them.Thanks again.