Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dred Scott (Believe You All E.P.)

(By request, a re-up originally posted 7/4/2010, new scans and rips
 Dred Scott was a Los Angeles four piece formed in 1979 by Journalist Greg Burk. There's not much info out there on these guys. In all I believe they had two singles, and possibly an LP(but I'm not sure),before they disbanded around 1985. Every time I look at this cover it reminds me of Shemp, from the Three Stooges.

Line Up -

Greg Burk - Vocals
Chris August - Bass And Vocals
Dave Van Huesen - Guitar
Jeff Hands - Drums

Red Spot Records 1979

1. I Believe You All
2. Honest Boy
3. What A World
4. Rocker

♫♫♫...And It's Bleeding Me...♫♫♫


topper said...

Thanx for Dred Scott, never heard of him ( i think)

gaxfax said...

Nor I, but this guy is excellent, thanks Frank

Punk Business Manager said...

Thanks for posting this! I found a vinyl copy of this EP years ago here in Chicago for like 50 cents but I have since misplaced it (?!). "Shemp on the cover"- LOL!! The guy on the cover is actually Dred Scott, and the picture is circa 1850 or so- he was involved in a pivotal case during the days of slavery, the infamous "Dred Scott Decision" of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1857 that basically said that people of African ancestry- slave or free- could never become citizens of the U.S. (!?!). Mr. Scott tried to sue for his freedom from slavery, and was ruled against because if he was not considered a citizen then he could not sue in federal court. Go here for more info if you're interested:


Keep up the great work on the blog- yours in one of my favorites because you are always posting cool obscurities! I read your most recent post and I will try to make a donation to your site but my hosting renewal fees are staring me in the face too for my blog!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comments !

GraemeSTL said...

Hi Frank - I've got 3 of these tracks but not 'Rocker'. Any chance of a re-up please?

Frank Miller said...

Here ya go Graeme enjoy !

GraemeSTL said...

Many thanks buddy, and good luck with the new blog!

GraemeSTL said...

Oh, and if you want some cool comps - check out my new blog here: http://btltheblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Frank Miller said...

My pleasure Graeme, thanks for the well wishes.