Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Edsells ( Don't Wanna Go To School Single)

The Edsells were a five piece, that I believe were from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Three of the five band members are brothers. I found This Facebook Page and This Blog Article and that's where the trail went cold. Both songs are great Enjoy!

Line Up-

Chris Schoenefuhs - Guitar and Vocals
Shaun Murphy - Bass and Vocals
Al ?? - Drums and Vocals
Gene Murphy - Guitar and Vocals
Darren Murphy - Lead Vocals

D.S.M. Records 1981

1. Don't Wanna Go To School
2. She Escaped

♫♫♫...Just Wanna Play My Guitar...♫♫♫


TJ Sassaman said...

Honestly though... This might be my favorite single to date!!! I'm completely hooked on it!!! Superlative!!!

Frank said...

I have a tantamount opinion. Thanks for the comment!

Woody said...

Very very good single. Don't wanna..is a fantastic song. Thankx.

Frank said...

Thanks for the comment Woody; glad you like it. It's definitely a cool record.

Doug Smith said...

Al's last name is BLACK
SHAUN "BUTCH" MURPHY still plays - Google BUGHOUSE FIVE (lead vox)
From suburb of Vancouver in EDSELLS days (Port Moody)