Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Action (She's Got My Heart Single)

The Action were a three piece, from the Stow, Akron, Ohio area. They formed sometime around 1977, and self released three singles, this being their third . They're all worth owning, but this, and Radio Music, are definitely my favorites. By 1983 they decided to call it quits. Both of these songs are absolute classics. Band members were; Michael Purkhiser, (Guitar, and Vocals) Brian Scherer, (drums) replaced by Cliff Bryant, (Drums on this and the Radio Music single at least) and Brent Warren (Bass, and Vocals). Michael Purkhiser, repairs, and builds amps, specializing in tube amps, here's his Myspace , and his Website.
Radiogram Records 1982
1. She's Got My Heart
2. Till I See You Again


Anonymous said...

great one! Singer Michael Purkhiser is the brother of late Cramps singer supreme Lux Interior.....i think Mike works as a soundman in a Beatles tribute band these days....bassist Brett did some nifty powerpop in the mid-90's as well....jim

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Jim, I think I read he built their amps for them as well.