Monday, August 30, 2010

Saucers (What We Do Single)

The Saucers were a New Haven Connecticut four piece, founded by Craig Bell. He had moved there from the Cleveland area, where he was in bands such as The Mirrors, and Rocket From the Tombs. (I found THIS ! site that has allot of great PreSaucers info). Muckraker was a RFTT'S song that was written by craig when he was with The Mirrors. In August of 1975, Rocket From the Tombs split in two. David Thomas and Peter Laughner formed Pere Ubu, and Gene O’Connor and original Rockets drummer John Madansky started Frankenstein, who would eventually become The Dead Boys. Craig was asked to join both bands, but declined.
In 1976, he moved to New Haven, and through a series of personal ads started The Saucers in 1977. The band consisted of Bell, (bass guitar and vocals), Mark Mulcahy, (drums and vocals later of Miracle Legion), Malcolm Doak, (keyboards), and Malcolm Marsden, (guitar and vocals). The Saucers went through a couple of line up changes, released two singles, (this being the first) and by 1980, or 81, called it quits. You can purchase all of the Saucers recordings on one disc titled "What We Did", for $11.00, buy it HERE .
Orange Recording 1979
1. What We Do
2. I Didn't Get It
3. Muckraker


Anonymous said...

This is a cool record. Muckraker is just a great song. Thanks for posting this!

Frank Miller said...

No problem, glad you like it.