Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Lookalikes (Can I Take You Home Tonight ? Single)

The Lookalikes were a popular four piece from Dublin Ireland, that I'm pretty sure were around from the late 70's, through the early 80's. In all they released, three singles, and one full length. If your interested in learning more about them HERE'S a good place to start. Band members were; Sean O'Connor, (guitar and vocals) Eamonn Doyle, (bass) Mike Mesbur, (drums) and Peter Keenan (keyboard)
Riva Records 1980
1. Can I Take You Home Tonight ?
2. Radio
3. Don't Cry For Me


bristolboy said...

They released 3 45's in the UK for Riva

can I take you home tonight/radio/don’t cry for me (1980)
call me/just what you got (1980)
baby don’t leave/why I didn’t think of that (1980)

but also these 2 on WEA in Ireland

losing control/shout (1981) I’ll never forget you/bullet in his back (1981)

& a promo on WEA As "S.O.C & the lookaikes" (Sean O'Conner Solo - the other two became C'est clave - I'll post their 1st 45 for you later today )

oh well (part 3)/night flight (1983) -

check out


for Sean's later solo stuff

Jaime said...

Thank you very much for this, another fanstic single in this site!! and thankx a bristolboy for the info.


Cositronico said...

I never heard this band. Thank you very much. Very good.

Anonymous said...

Great Band that I had never heard of previously. Thanks for this!

Angry (Days of Our Youth)

Frank Miller said...

Glad you liked the record, thanks for your comments, and info.

jomi said...

Don't cry for me is a great great song!!!


Frank Miller said...

Thanks Jomi, glad you liked it.

Force Fed Nukes said...

Please repost!!!! :)