Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Alsatians (Teen Romance Single)

The Alsatians were from Canning Town, London. The bands origins were in 1976; called The Barley Wine Band, they changed their name to the Alsatians in 1978. After a number of lineup changes they recorded this record in 1980. After further lineup changes, they called it a day in 1981. I believe this was their only record, and this was never in a picture sleeve. Band members were: Dyl Draper, (Vocals) Alen Draper, (Vocals and Guitar) Tim Scott, (Bass) and Bruce Stockley,(Drums). Here's a great article at Bored Teenagers you can check out.
SRTS Records 1980
1. Teen Romance
2. Our Man In Marrakesh


Zach said...

really great stuff. Bored Teenagers is a really great site. do you have any of the comps they made?

Frank Miller said...

Hi Zach, I never picked any of them up. Anything to do with Detour is top notch, so I'm sure they're worth it. Thanks for the comment.

Cositronico said...

Thank you. Great side a, and nice instr in the b. All the best!!

Zach said...

oh yeah Detour is great. so are the comps.