Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Cheepskates Collection

I've been wanting to post something from The Cheepskates, for quite sometime, they're one of my favorite 80's Garage revival bands. Their brand of 60's inspired pop is truly haunting. It took me a while, because I couldn't decide what I wanted to post. Anyway, I decided to pull a few of my favorite songs from each of the 3 studio Lp's I own, as well as a live LP from 1988.I used their first single for the cover. In All, it has 17 tracks, it's kind of a big download, but if your not real familiar with these guys I'm sure you'll find it worth the wait. I think my favorite , of the three full length is "It Wings Above". I like them all, but over the years I've found myself listening to that one the most. I realised I'm missing an LP titled Remember, as well as a couple of later releases, oh well, it gives me something else to look for. I actually got to see The Cheepskates live in NYC once, The Mosquito's were on the bill as well, I came away thoroughly impressed, it was a great show. The Cheepskates were from NYC, They were around from the early 80's, through the early 90's ( although they've gotten back together for a few special occasions). They made more than half a dozen albums for American and German labels. After They called it quits, singer Shane Faubert released a few more solo records. I found THIS site, where you can pick up most of their releases on CD.
Midnight Records 1984
Midnight Records 1986
Music Maniac Records 1988
Music Maniac Records 1989


Zach said...

"Their brand of 60's inspired pop."

right after that line, i knew i had to download this. some killer tracks on here. yeah "it wings above" tracks are really nice. the keyboard tracks remind me of the Sedatives. do you have any records by them?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Frank! I bought their first album way back along with a couple of singles. Looking forward to hearing this! Top Blog!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment, and the compliment, hope you enjoy it.

Frank Miller said...

I don't think I'm familiar with the Sedatives Zach, I'll have to check them out, thanks !

Zach said...

yeah check them out. they put out 2 7"s and a 12". the 12" gets a little bit boring, but their first 7" is great. (great stuff is getting released up here in canada) link below. the singer/keyboardist is the singer for The White Wires.


Frank Miller said...

Thanks Zach, good stuff.