Friday, March 11, 2011

False Alarm (Fuck'em All We've All Ready (Now) Won!

False Alarm are from Los Angeles, California. They've been around in one form or another since 1982.The band consisted of various members, including Fat Mike, of NOFX, and Fat records fame. In All, they released at least 2 lp's, 2 singles. On this lp, the line up was: Dylan Maunder, (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals) Art Chianello, (Drums) Paul Kostabi, (Rhythm Guitar) and Brent Alden, (Bass); as well as guest appearances by Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys), Rick Wilder (Berlin Brats, And Mau Maus), and De De Troit (UXA).The album cover was done by Dee Dee Ramone, and Paul Kostabi. Sadly,Dylan Maunder didn’t live to see this lp's release, he died a drug related death in 2005. I pulled a few songs for you to check out, If you like what you hear; you can order a copy from Nicotine Records. If you want to find out more about False Alarm, I found this Wikipedia Page, as well as their Myspace Page where you can pick up the"Tell Me Who I Am Single".
False Alarm Records 2006

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