Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Shades (Time For Change Single)

A few post's back, I posted a single from a Jersey band called The Shades. Here's another band called The Shades; however, This three piece leans more towards the Mod/Punk side of things, and were from St. Petersburg, Florida. Best I can tell; The Shades were formed by Dennis Dalcin around 1978, and were around till 81, or so. This was their only single; and it was self released. Band members were: Dennis Dalcin, (Vocals,Guitar) Ed Siersema, (Bass,Vocals) and Guy Silvestro (Drums,Vocals). Dennis Dalcin, went on to be in bands such as: The Perfect Strangers, The Petal Pushers, and more recently, The Lears. He has a Myspace you can check out HERE . I'm not sure if it's the same guy (no pun intended), but I found a Guy Silvesto playing drums for a classic rock type outfit out of Tampa, Here's their Myspace . I couldn't find anything on Ed Siersema.
Direct Hit Records 1980
1. Time For Change
2. Shake It


Anonymous said...

I was planning on blogging this one myself in the next couple weeks! Been in touch with Dennis to get some background. He played in Tampa band Just Boys before starting the Shades.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the info, and the comment.

Cheap Rewards said...

Finally posted my feature about the Shades with a bit more background:


amusicalguy said...

Hey Frank, Thanks for liking my old band's single enough to post it! I'm always shocked to see how far this single got to. There was just 1,000 copies pressed up and it was released in 1980 on my own Direct Hit Records, which I re-activated in 1987 for my first compilation LP ("The Exploding Underground") that included Issue #3 of my Kaleidoscope Magazine. Here's a link to Issue #4 of Kaleidoscope on my new blog for the mag: http://kaleidoscopemagazine1.blogspot.com/ Thanks again! All the best, Dennis Dalcin.

amusicalguy said...

I almost forgot to tell you that Ed went on to a career as a geologist, and I haven't seen or heard from him since 1981. Guy is still playing in a classic rock band. I'm looking to form another band more in the mold of The Shades. Rock on! Dennis

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment, and all of the info Dennis, much appreciated.

Steven Deal said...

Got this 45 from BOMP! when i was 14!!! Such a great single, though I prefer the rawness of the B-Side "Shake It." Anyways...great to see this 45 getting recognition and that Dennis Dalcin is still active. Cheers! Steven Deal