Friday, November 22, 2013

The Next (Make It Quick EP)

(Per request, a re-up originally posted 3/15/11, New rips and scans)
The Next were a four piece from Austin Texas. They released two records, this EP and a second titled, "Kick Ass" with a different lineup. They also had a couple of tracks on the "Live at Raul´s Comp".

Line Up -

Ty Gavin - Vocals
Skip Seven - Guitar
Lee Shupe - Bass
Arthur Hays - Drums
Sharp Records 1979

1. Monotony
2. Cheap Rewards
3. Mr. Wonderful

♫♫♫.Destroy Them.♫♫♫


Mike said...

Seems we're on the same wavelength post-wise lately. I recently interviewed several members of the Next and got a lot of conflicting information about their past. At any rate, I put this feature together the same week you did yours:


Frank Miller said...

No problem Mike, thanks for the comment.

zach said...

great 7". can't wait for the cheap rewards re-issue of this, whenever it comes out.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Zach, Mike recently reissued a single by a band called the Tunes. It's packaged with unreleased bonus songs as a 12". He did a great job with it; I highly recommend it.

Philippe Thivillier said...

Thanks a lot.

zach said...

yeah i streamed that tunes 12" when it came out, it's my favourite thing i've heard all year. i was gonna buy it, but the shipping was a little much for just one 12". so i waited, last week i got some birthday money so i immediately bought the whole cheap rewards catalogue (except for the first two which i had already).

yeah the unreleased songs are just as great as the 7" ones. actually i like "when i think about you" the best out of all their stuff.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Philippe, thanks for the comment.

Frank Miller said...

When I think about you is a really good song. I like fits like a glove allot too. It's a shame The Tunes never got a chance to release a full length.

zach said...

love that one too. yeah it is too bad they never got a chance, they really had a lot of talent.

Milord Teum said...

merry Xmas bro and than you for all 2013 gems yu've posted.cheers

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Milord, I hope you had a great holiday as well!

sfdoomed said...

One of my favorite Texas punk EPs.
Did someone mention it's going to be repressed? I need to look into that!

Thanks for cool music postings.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome sfdoomed, I'm not sure if it's going to be reissued. Thanks for the comment.

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