Saturday, March 26, 2011

N.O.T.A. (LP Plus Bonus Tracks)

Here's my own compilation of one of the more underrated 80's Hardcore bands, Tulsa's N.O.T.A..When I began to put things together; the single just didn't satisfy my fix, so I decided to add their self titled LP, as well as the track from the MMR comp "Welcome To 1984", and a couple of tracks from the "Live At The Crystal Pistol Disc". I posted their first E.P. a couple of years back, you can find it, along with info, and a link for N.O.T.A. world headquarters HERE. This is a pretty big download, but if you don't have this stuff, it will be worth the wait. I'm a big fan of these guys, I never got to see them live; they must have been incredible.


WildDevilMan said...

I've been never tired of listening to that absolute killer LP!
A milestone in my opinion.

Jesse Luscious said...

Holy moly, I love NOTA and have all of the original vinyl. Thanks for giving us a digital version- the LP should be required listening along with Minor Threat, "Damaged," & "Rock For Light"!!!!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comments, It's definitely a classic.

Dave G said...

Excellent band...thanks for compiling these tracks.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Dave.