Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hysteric Narcotics (Justice Single Plus Bonus Tracks)

The Hysteric Narcotics were a Detroit area band that formed in 1983, and lasted till 1989. During that time span, they released four singles, (this being the second) an Lp titled "Batteries Not Included" which I included a couple of my favorite tunes from, (both are covers) and four comp. appearances. Since the break up, they've kept the band alive through a number of reunion shows, and in 2010 released a 25-song retrospective CD called, “From the Desolation Where the Greasewood Grows,” on the Gangplank Records Label . There's a great band bio for you to check out there; and if you like what you hear, you can pick up their disc through CDbaby.

Raffscallion Records 1985

1. Justice
2. Crayola
3. Shop Around
4. Do Like Me



Phil said...

Fantastic record Frank. Many thanks for posting it. I'm looking for some 45s to listen to, as Minneapolis' The Dig ''Problem With Mary'' and Atlanta's LMNOP '' Forever through the sun'', both from 1985. Is there any chance for me?

Frank Miller said...

Hi Phil, I have both of them. I might post the LMNOP one of these days, but I'm not sure about the Dig record. I'll tell you what; Email me, I'll rip them, and send them to you. Thanks for the comment.

Phil said...

Thank you very much Frank. I've just sent you an email. Regards!

Pubbi said...

Hi Frank,
I have a request. I stumbled today about this Hysteric Narcotics post and I'm very interested in this Single. It would be fantatstic when you were able to reupload it. Thanks in advance.
I also have a relatively new blog myself and I'm busy there with some great Neo 60's Garage sounds. If you are interested come and visit it at "https://fuzzfarfisascreamsnmore.blogspot.com".