Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Secrets* ( It's Your Heart Tonight Single)

The Secrets* were from Kansas City, they formed in 1978, and this was their first single, only 1000 were pressed. This is my favorite release from Titan Records. They also released a comp track, another single, and an LP containing a more slick version of It's Your Heart Tonight; that you can find over at The Sons Of The Dolls Blog. I guess around 1983 they called it a day. There's a 2 disc set of Titan Records releases called "It's All Pop", that you can find HERE . Band members were: Brent Hoad, (Guitar, and Vocals) Norm Dahlor, (Bass) Steve Davis, (Lead Guitar) Pat Tomek, (Drums).

Titan Records 1979

1. It's Your Heart Tonight
2. Get Your Radio


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bristolboy said...

Have to admit this (as are all the Titan 45's) is excellent powerpop but my vote would have to go to the "Gems" 45