Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Beatles Costello (Washing The Defectives E.P.)

I'm guessing this record wasn't meant, to be taken very seriously. (But, at least for me anyway); the cover of Arthur Alexander's "Soldier Of Love" makes this worth owning. You get three other instrumental covers as well. Eric Rosenfeld, (Guitar) and Andy Paley, (Guitar, and background Vocals) were previously in the Boston outfit, The Sidewinders(a band that also included Billy Squire). Other band members were: Jim Freeman, (Drums) Chuck Chaplin, (Piano) and Jim Skinner, (Vocals). I couldn't find anything else on these guys; this might be their only release. If you read the back of the sleeve; there's a pretty funny story on the bands origins.

Pious Records 1978

1. Soldier Of Love
2. I Feel Fine
3. Theme From A Summer Place
4. Outer Limits



PwrPop78 said...

I always wanted to hear the other songs. Not a big fan of instrumentals but thank you for the post. You sir are an asset to the power pop community.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks, I appreciate your comments, glad I could help you out.

Popville said...

Of course folks know who Andy Paley is...(I hope). Thanks loads for this post, from a new arrival to your blog.

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for all of the comments, Enjoy!!

Zach said...

this is just amazing. great stuff, thanks! where the hell do you get 7"s like this????

Frank Miller said...

This record pops up on Ebay quite a bit if you keep your eyes open. Thanks for the comment Zach.