Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pistol Whip (Heart Throb Single)

This was the lone single from Erie, Pennsylvania's Pistol Whip. I found This Page That offers some info, as well as band pictures. I found the page a little confusing; as far as when the band formed, ended, and line-ups. The picture sleeve is blank on the back, so it yields nothing.There's a retrospective disc titled "Terminal"; that includes this single as well as some unreleased Demos you can pick up Here for $14.99.

Endangered Species Records 1977

1. Heart Throb
2. Untouchables



mrpoopy said...

Hard to believe anything decent ever came out of Erie--that town is a pit. Some of these guys wound up in Chicago and changed their name to The Swingers. The song in that video was also a Swingers song.

Frank Miller said...

I’ve never been to Erie, so I’ll take your word for it. I should have included Foundry Joe, from "Big Hits Of Mid-America" as a bonus track. I noticed they have a Swingers CD for sale; you can pick one up Here http://www.swingers78.com/music/cd.html for $10.00. Thanks for the info and the comment.