Sunday, February 26, 2012

Musical Chairs (Introducing Musical Chairs Single)

As is the case with many of the records posted here; info on The Musical Chairs is pretty much non existent. If anyone knows anything about these guys, and would like to comment, or contact me, it would be much appreciated. Far as I can tell, the Musical Chairs were a three Piece from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I found a full Length titled “Fall On Deaf Ears”, that I’ve never heard. Other than that, I can’t find any other releases; including this one. I did find this Myspace, and this Reverbnation page belonging to a Dave Matthies, who resides in Houston, Tx. In his bio he mentions a band called D.C.Matthies & Co., also containing Don Stanley; so I’m assuming it’s the same guy; but he doesn’t mention The Musical Chairs.

Line up:

Dave Matthies – Lead Vocals, Drums, and Keyboards
Don Stanley – Guitars, and Vocals
George Prescott – Bass, and Vocals

REM Records 1982

1. Memorabilia
2. Gimme Restitution



Pep Sonic said...

Thank you for this friend.

Frank said...

Your Welcome!

hallometsteven said...

Thanks, Frank! Good to see you're up and running again with the blog :-)


old wave said...

band was a five piece steve masica rythum guitar butch olson drums rem records still exists in mn fall on deaf ears is available on cd

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment and the info.