Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Colors (Rave It Up Ep)

By request I'm re-posting a few records, which I plan on doing periodically. The re-post's will have new scans, as well as new rips of the records, since I feel my older rips aren't very good. I originally posted this record May 20th 2010, enjoy!

The Colors were a NYC four piece that formed in 1978. known for their great live sets, they were declared Most Likely Destined for Commercial Success' by The Soho Weekly News in 1979, and seemed headed for stardom. For a time they were the house band at CBGB's, and were managed by owner Hilly Kristal. Rave It Up was put out in 1980 by local label, Infinite Records. It was produced by Clem Burke, who also replaced original drummer, Ed East and took over management of the band. A second guitarist, Charlie Pip, was added and while recording their LP, Infinite Records went under.Finally, their LP 'The Colors" was released in 1983 on the Dirt Record label, but By that time it was too late to salvage the band and they went their seperate ways. For more on the Colors, check out their MYSPACE

Line Up:

Tommy Cookman - Vocals
Paul Sass - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer
Robert Vickers - Bass, Vocals
Charlie Pip - Guitar, Vocals

Infinite Records 1980

1. Jealousy
2. Growin' Up American
3. West End
4. Have You Seen Her
5. Rave It Up



Anonymous said...

excelente* gracias por este genial disco. felicitaciones por subir the colors ♥

Frank said...

Your welcome, glad you liked it.