Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Frenchmen (No Surprise Single)

Re post from November 3rd 2011.

The Frenchmen were a four piece from Erie, PA that were around from 1977, to 1980. This is the first of their two releases on the Endangered Species Record Label. A second single simply calling them the F Men on the sleeve was released in 1980 containing the tracks: Small Town Boy, Now Maybe, and Dirty Dishes Wicked Wishes. John Drumm, also played keyboards in Pistol Whip. Info is a bit scarce on these guys, so if I’m wrong about something; or you have anything to add, please feel free.

Line Up:

Bradley Harrington – Bass, Vocals
Dennis Johnson – Guitar
Frances Piazza – Drums
John Drumm – Vocals, Keyboards

Endangered Species Records 1979

1. No Surprise
2. If What You Said



Anonymous said...

hi Frank,

thank you very much for this re-post.

you really made my day!!


Frank Miller said...

Your welcome, glad I could help!

cartoondream said...

"If what you said" is stuck in my head! Such a great song!

Frank Miller said...

Cool, glad you liked it, thanks for the comment.