Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Phones (I'm So Neat/She Said Goodbye Single)

The Phones were a Minneapolis five piece that formed in 1979. During a span of ten years they released at least three singles, (this being the first) Two Lp's, and an Ep or Two. If you want to know more about The Phones, check out This Site; it has a full bio, as well as a couple of Cd's the band has for sale.


Jeff Cerise - Lead Vocals
Brad Mattson - Drums
Rick Towes - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Brantseg - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jim Riley - Bass, Vocals

Phone - O - Graph Records 1980

1. I'm So Neat
2. She Said Goodbye

***The Phones***


Woody said...

A fantastic single!!! Thankx a lot.

Samuel said...

Thank you. Very good single. I love this.

Michael Argyros said...

Wow. I grew up in the Twin Cites and loved this band back in the day. I used to listen to Changing Minds all day on my Walkman. Thank you so much!

Frank said...

Your welcome, glad you guys liked the record. She said goodbye is a great tune.Thanks for all of your comments!

Njec said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm still listening to their Twin Tone album "Blind Impulse" Something about that record.... it has it's hooks in me.

bonsaisuperstar said...

Vocalist and guitar work sounds a lot like the Cars. Great single.

Joel Elder said...

Wow! Haven't heard this in a very long time.

Frank said...

Glad you guys are liking the record, thanks for the comments!