Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back Soon!!

I know I haven't exactly been consistently active lately; I apologise for that. After I lost my files I had stored with Megaupload, I became pretty bummed out. I then moved to back to Mediafire, but now every ones having trouble with them as well. That prompted me to look into my own domain, for the second time. On the surface it seems like a great idea; but I just cant build a blog I'm happy with using Wordpress. So for the second time, I've given up on the web hosting idea. So what does all this mean??? It means I'm staying here, and if things get to crazy, maybe it's time for the curtain to finally fall. Till then, I have tons of great records I'll be posting in the very near future. It's time to get this thing back in gear, and have fun again. I'm also planning on catching up on all of the Re-post requests I've received recently. As always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!


G O D said...

Hey man! I lost all my files in the mediafire fight /debacle ,too ,and I've been using archive.org it's the library on the internet. just code shit up when you post it ,as to avoid troubles.

Frank said...

Thanks for the advice, if Mediafire freezes my files, or maybe when my year is up I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your doing!
Can I request a repost of the judy's washerama for my friends 52nd birthday?