Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kid Courage (I Don't Wanna Dance/I'm A Fanatic Single)

 Kid Courage were from San Francisco. I couldn't find much about the band, but I'm guessing they started in the late Seventies, and lasted for a few years. For my taste, this A side of this record isn't anything spectacular; but the flip "I'm A Fanatic" makes it worth the price of admission. They had an earlier single titled "Coast to Coast" that's also worth hunting down.

Line up -

Ric Devon - Lead Vocals
Mark Dunwoody - Keyboards, Vocals
David Sikes - Bass, Vocals
Larry Elliot - Guitars
Mike Fleck - Drums

A.P.E. Records 1980

1. I Don't Wanna Dance
2. I'm A Fanatic

♫♪♫►Kid Courage◄♫♪♫


Marta said...

Thank you very much for this great great single. Very good.

Frank said...

Hi Marta, glad you liked the record. Thanks for the comment!

~V~ said...
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Anonymous said...

They posed for Playgirl magazine..hot spread.

Frank said...

That's funny...I guess you could say they were a real swingin' band....Thanks for the comment!

Melodye said...

My brother..like seeing this old stuff.

Frank Miller said...

My pleasure Melodye, thanks for the comment!