Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Blitz (Panic Button Single)

   Per request, here's another re-post from 8/3/2010, new rips, and scans.
    The Blitz were a five piece, from Berkeley California, unfortunately this was their only single. If you missed this one the first time around, or if you just never heard it before, your in for a treat, (it's top notch Powerpop, all the way!!). I'd like to thank Todd Stadtman for commenting on the original post. He was kind enough to answer a couple of questions. Joe Satriani is thanked on the back of the sleeve, he was Todd's guitar teacher at the time and had helped with the arrangements of the tunes.Gary Phillips, later of the Greg Kihn band, also acted as a sort of shadow producer on the record, working alongside the credited producer, David Seabury. Drummer Ralph Granich was also the original drummer for the 70's Berkeley Powerpop outfit, The Rubinoos. During the 80s Todd spent time in a couple of bands, such as The B Team and The Naked Into, both of which released records; he has a couple of solo releases as well, you can check out Here.

Line up -

Todd Stadtman - Vocals, Bass
Tom Chauncey - Guitar, Vocals
David Rubinstein - Lead Guitar
Ralph Granich - Drums
Pete Dimaria - Keyboards

Richmond Records 1979

1. Panic Button
2. You Don't Have To Tell Me

♫♫♫ The Blitz ♫♫♫


styreneboy said...

Thanks a lot for this, Frank. You're a gent.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome, glad to help.