Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Jetsons (Suicidal Tendencies Ep)

 Here's another re-post that, (in my opinion) it's quite essential. It was originally posted here 3/30/09. I've added new rips, and scans.
     The Jetsons were from Bloomington Indiana. They formed some time around 1980. Some of the members had come from the Latex Novelties, one of the first punk bands from Indianapolis. I believe this was their only single. They also had a track on the comp, Red Snerts. I read a story from the insert of break the rules #8 that said, soon after the release of this single internal conflicts caused the band to split up. 1500 copies of this were pressed but none were officially distributed. Apparently some one who helped in the making of the record, stole most of the copies and fled to N.Y.C. some time after the break up, the singer Jaime Sever went to Worcester and started the Unattached.

Lineup -

Jamie Jetson - Vocals
Astro Jetson - Guitar
Killer Jetson - Guitars, Vocals
Creep Jetson - Bass
Mo Jetson - Drums, Vocals

Gulcher Records 1981

1. Suicidal Tendencies
2. Genetically Stupid
3. Killing

***The Jetsons***


Al said...

Cool post. I never knew about the connection with the Unattached. I saw them once or twice.

Frank said...

That's cool, thanks for the comment Al.

PaulCook said...

maybe and the known band take the name from the song ...thanx for Ep' man !

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Paul, thanks for the comment!