Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Puppets (No Strings Single)

I'm guessing this one's pretty rare, because I barely found a sniff about the band, or the record on the web; pity cause it's a great slab of Powerpop. It seems as though The Puppets were from Washington, D.C, and this was probably their only record; but I'm not sure. The only reference I could find was at the :30 Under DC Site; which has the band being active from 1977 to 1978, with multiple line-ups. Strange thing is, both line-ups are five pieces; with the bands end listed as 1978. This record is from 1980, and the band is a three piece??? If anyone has any info to share it would be much appreciated.

LineUp -

Steve Avery - Vocals, Guitar
Giles Cook - Drums, Vocals
Billy Minogue - Bass, Vocals

Parade Records 1980

1. Look At The Girls
2. Dear John Letter

***The Puppets***

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