Thursday, March 14, 2013

Justin Trouble (Ponytail Single)

(Per Request, Originaly Posted 9/29/12, New Rips)              Justin Trouble was a NYC four piece that were around in the early Eighties. They released this their first single, and a self titled full length both on Casino Records before parting ways. The flip of this single, "No Love" was produced, and co- written by Johnny Thunders. Justin Trouble changed his name to Justin love and followed up with a number of releases. He's also an accomplished artist with a studio located in Woodstock, Upstate NY. If you would like to check out his Art, as well as his Music you can Click Here. Bass player Brett Wilder went on to bands such as: The Rousers, The Backbones, and The Trick Babys.

Line Up

Justin Trouble - Vocals, Guitar
Louie Louie - Guitar
Brett Wilder - Bass
Tommy Montana - Drums

Casino Records 1980

1. Ponytail
2. No Love

♫♫♫...No Love...♫♫♫


jes said...

justin trouble a great musician. how bad the band broke up. but were records. Thank you.

Tom Montalbano said...

From Tommy Montana (Montalbano), the drummer on this single:

Looking back, these were fun times. Brett and I were both in high school and looking forward to musical careers. Though I was into more sophisticated music at the time, Justin re-introduced me to the head-on rock and roll I loved as a kid. Eventually, I went on to play with many of my 50's and 60's rock idols, using the straight ahead "Ringo" beats I had taken out of the closet to play on this and other Justin Trouble recordings. A bit of trivia: This was recorded at Michael Bona Studios - essentially a kick-ass living room studio - in Garden City, Long Island, with the late Johnny Thunders present (and high on H) the whole time. Michael only owned one good drum mic at the time, so we recorded the kick and snare drums in separate takes, explaining why the drum track sounds so "fake!"

Frank said...

Thanks for the info Tom, it's much appreciated!