Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Henchmen (Death Machine Single)

(By request here's a repost from 9/5/11, New Rips)
   The Henchmen were a Auckland, New Zealand four piece, that formed from the ashes of an earlier outfit called, The Dum Dum Boys. I Believe this was their third single; I'm not exactly sure when it was released, the article linked below says 1985, but I think it was recorded earlier. After numerous line up changes; they eventually moved to Sydney, Australia and changed their name again to Reptiles At Dawn. If you would like to read more about The Henchmen, as well as The Dum Dum Boys, and Reptiles At Dawn, Here's a great article.

Band Members:

Tony Norman - (Guitar)
Tony Collins - (Vocals)
Jeremy Chunn - (Bass)
Billy Williams - (Drums)

Cadaver Records 1985

1. Death Machine
2. Bitch Goddess

♫♫♫...Death Machine...♫♫♫

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