Saturday, March 9, 2013

Musical Chairs (Because It's You Single)

In the near future I'm going to eliminate all of my files from Mediafire; I think I finally found the answer to my fileshare problems with SugarSync, so far I've been very happy. About a year ago I posted The Musical Chairs First Single. As I often do I asked if anyone had any info and as is usually the case I came up empty. Anyway, here's what I think is the bands second single; funny thing is it looks exactly like the first one. The sleeves are identical; however the insert is different, they're on different labels and this single is from a year later. I believe The Musical Chairs were a three Piece from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I found a full Length titled “Fall On Deaf Ears”, that I’ve never heard and this single mentions a second Lp titled "Kilowatt Romance" that I've never heard either, would like to though.....anyone. Here's a  Myspace, and I found this Reverbnation page belonging to a Dave Matthies, who resides in Houston, Tx. In his bio he mentions a band called D.C.Matthies & amp; Co., also containing Don Stanley; so I’m assuming it’s the same guy; but he doesn’t mention The Musical Chairs.

Line up:

Dave Matthies – Lead Vocals, Drums, and Keyboards
Don Stanley – Guitars, and Vocals
George Prescott – Bass, and Vocals

M.C.M. Records 1983

1. Because It's You
2. One Mans War

♫♫♫...Have A Change Of Heart...♫♫♫

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