Sunday, March 3, 2013

Slyk (Even The Girls Don't Know Single)

  Here's another band I couldn't find much info on. Slyk looks to have been from Rhode Island. I think this was self released and probably their only record; I've never seen a copy with a picture sleeve. The only name on the record is Robert Lavalley, so I'm not sure if Slyk were a real band or if it was Robert backed by some friends or studio musicians. This was posted a few years back over at the Sing Sing Blog, but the file doesn't play anymore and they didn't post the B side of the record. If you would like to check out their write up on Slyk you can find it Here. As per usual; If anyone can shed some light on this it would be much appreciated.
Slyksongs 1983
1. Even The Girls Don't Know
2. Rock 'N' Roll Your Bones


Billy Belman said...

The handwritten note on the picture sleeve posted on RYM (http://static.rateyourmusic.com/album_images/a2836d42d3bf7157468388fe14960a30/o4201715.jpg) suggests that the band was based in Mystic, CT (which is close to the CT/RI border).

Frank said...

Sure looks that way,thanks for the info and the comment Billy.

thehistorynerds said...

Hey Frank. Stumbled upon this when just by searching google for Slyk. The frontman for Slyk is actually my father. They were a band, Robert being songwriter and vocalist. They were from Mystic, Connecticut, as Billy said. I do not believe he released any other records to the public besides the one you found, although I am not entirely sure without asking. They have been split up for quite a while, but he does still to this day do work with the drummer. He actually released an album a few years back featuring the drummer, "It Was You" by Bob Lavalley, available on Itunes and Amazon. I also actually help him create a Live Session for over 100 of his songs on his youtube channel, youtube.com/boblavalleymusic. Thanks for your post. Pretty interesting for me to see my father's name and legacy in the strangest of places.

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome, thank you for the info and for commenting. I'm definitely gonna check out your channel. Love the record, Thanks Again!

Freed wave said...