Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hooks (Lipstick On Your Collar/Young And Boring Single)

Hooks were a NYC five piece, that were around from 1978, to 1983. The bands origins began in Hollywood Ca in 1978. Singer Sharon 7 teamed up with Guitarist Jerome Youngman and Drummer Quito Equador to record a demo of the Exciters 60's hit "Tell Him". Afterwards the three moved to New York City where Keyboardist J. Elliot and (although he's not listed on this single) bass guitarist Lew Mazzeo completed the line up. Hooks played clubs such as CBGB's, Max's Kansas City and The Ritz. They Appeared live with bands like: Duran Duran, The Ramones, Iggy Pop, The Heartbreakers, The Speedies and The Beat. Other than this single, Hooks recorded an Lp titled "No Deposit, No Return" that I've never heard. 
Line Up -
Sharon 7 - Vocals
J. Elliot - Keyboard
no bass played listed
Quito Equador - Drums
Hooks Records 1980
1. Lipstick On Your Collar
2. Young & Boring


Marta said...

Thank you very much for this single. Fantastic.

Frank said...

Your Welcome, Glad You Like It; Thanks For The Comment!