Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Squad (Millionaire Single + Bonus)

Squad were a four piece from Coventry England that formed around the end of 1977. The original line up had Terry Hall on vocals who later went on to the Specials. Terry was replaced by Gus Chambers, as well as many other line up changes. I read that six months after this record was released; none of the original band remained. In all before calling it quits Squad released two singles; Red Alert / £8 A Week, which you can listen to Here and Here, this single, and a cut on the Sent From The Coventry Comp which I included with the download. After Squad Gus Chambers went on to bands such as: 21 Guns, Sons of Damnation and Grip Inc, formed by Dave Lombardo of Slayer fame, and Squad 21 who released an Lp titled "Skullduggery", that had reworks of 21 Guns, The Flasher and Millionaire. Sadly in 2008, Gus Chambers died from an accidental mixture of his medication and alcohol. If you want to read more about the band, you can check Here, Here, and Here.

The Band-

Gus Chambers - Lead Vocals
Danny Cunningham - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Edwards - Bass, Vocals
Rob Hill - Drums

SQS 1979

1. Millionaire
2. Brockhill Boys
3. Flasher

♫♫♫...Take A Look At This...♫♫♫

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