Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Crackers (What Did I Do? Single)

The Crackers were a five piece from Albuquerque New Mexico that formed in the early eighties. Other than this, they had an earlier single titled "Be Smart b/w I'm Tired Of You, an Lp titled "Guaranteed" which was a Billboard pick hit,and an Ep titled "Contraband". I found this video they made for What Did I Do you can check out and that's about all I could find.
The Band-
Brad Aubry - Lead Vocals
Drew DiGregory - Bass
Vince Malkoski - Lead Guitar
Don Patrick - Rhythm Guitar
Jim Steger - Drums
Edison Records 1984
1. What Did I Do?
2. Tell Me All The Time


Marta said...

Fantastic single. Beautiful!!!

Frank said...

Glad you like it Marta; thanks for the comment.