Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Blazers (Top Of My World Single)

The Blazers were a four piece from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I guess, I would call this a promotional single; it pairs the two best tunes from their Lp titled, "How To Rock". I don't think this came with a picture sleeve. Band member Rick Miller, (Guitar) changed his name to Parthenon Huxley and went on to have a fairly successful solo career. The rest of the band consisted of: Sherman Tate (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ronnie Taylor (drums) and Lee Gildersleeve (bass).
Moonlight Records 1980
1.Top Of My World
2. Don't Worry About It


Marta said...

Very very good!!! Thank you.

Frank said...

Your welcome, you have great taste!! Thanks for the comment.