Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Clerks (Dancing With My Girl Ep)

Here's a charming Ep from a somewhat mysterious Birmingham four piece, The Clerks. From what I gather the band formed in the late 70's; released two classic tracks, ("When The Lights Go Out" and "No Good For Me") on the legendary Rok Records comp "Odd Bods Mods & Sods" the latter was also released as a split single with Hazard both around 1979. This Ep however doesn't appear to have been released until 1984. Although there's no release date on the record; everything I've been able to find points in that direction anyway. I'm not sure why there was such a long lay off between releases or what happened to The Clerks afterwards but one things for sure, these guys had a knack with a hook. 
The Band-
Paul Day - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Chops James - Drums
Mart Booth - Guitars, Vocals
Martin Poole - Bass, Vocals
Puddiscs Records 1984?
1. Dancing With My Girl
2. On The Telephone
3. All I Want Is You


eladio said...

hey, thank you for the last posts
sorry for not leaving a comment before

keep it up!

Frank said...

Your welcome Eladio, thanks for the comment.

middlenight said...

Cheers mate. I'm quite the fan of "No Good for Me". I'd heard a few excerpts of songs from this 45 somewhere online and because of that, I look forward to this listen.

Frank said...

No problem; hope you enjoy it,thanks for the comment.

Mr. Suave said...

Great share. Liking the new file sharing service too.

Frank said...

Thanks, yeah it seems to working out pretty well. I've been searching for a solution to the sharesite problem for a while, (spent alot of time researching!). So far Sugarsync is everything I could ask for, and cheaper to boot. I'm hopeing this can be a long term answer. Thanks for the comment!

paul day said...

Hello I'm Paul from the Clerks. Nice to hear your comments.

paul day said...

Guitar and led vocal Paul that is....

Frank said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the comment; any chance you could email me with information about the Clerks? Thanks for the great tunes!

paul day said...

What do you want to know?

Frank Miller said...

Anything you can tell me. How, where and when the band started. How and when the band finished. Anything in between important and interesting. Lineups, Releases, and anything interesting pertaining too. In general, info I can use to give the Clerks a proper post people can read to learn about the band.

MyKill said...

Hello Frank,
Downlaoded quite a lot of great music from your website in the past years and great to see you still keep it going! Never took the time, yet to write a comment that's why I wanted to use my chance now, finally ;-)!
Never heard of that release before & it seems so mysterious as the release from the Circles - (running around in circles), which got released (I think) about 5 years after the band split & what a song, ubelieveable this has never seen the light of day before(when the band was still going).
Love "your no good for me" from the clerks and really looking forward to hear this soon!
Guess he never came back with band informations to you, eh?

Frank Miller said...

Hi Mykill,

Sorry for the how long its taken me to respond. He never got back to me. Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it ! Not that I've ever done this blog for acknowledgment but it's nice to get a thank you once in a while. Most of my comments these days are request's for reposts. Doesn't exactly make me enthused to keep this blog going. I'll give you an example.. My last post, The City Limits is such an amazing record. It was downloaded over 6000 times without even one comment except someone who thought my blog was about guns... Oh well, such is the life of a Music Blogger...lol. I guess that's why so many other blogs have faded away. For me it's mostly a time issue and I must admit, I've lost a bit of steam over the years. Anyway It's people like you and an occasional contact from band members that keep this blog hangin' on, so Thank You!

Karl said...

Hello what ever happend to every one ?. Was a great time fantastic music. You can get me at smudgerks@gmail.com just decorating came across a copy of No good for me awesome.