Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Rooks (Encore Echoes)

Per request, New Rip's -n- Scans)
"Encore Of Echoes" is a compilation that contains the bulk of The Rooks output. For my taste, the cuts from the first lp are the standouts. A couple song's have melodies and harmonies that are so hauntingly sweet, they literally give me chills.
The Rooks were a four piece from NYC that  formed in 1990 out of the ashes of one of Hartford, Connecticut's premier Powerpop outfits, "The Broken Hearts". As far as I know, The Rooks have a couple of full length's, a couple of Ep's, this disc, and an outtakes disk to their credit. Singer  Michael Mazzarella, has a number of solo releases as well. The band had numerous line ups, and I believe they split up around 2005. If you want to check them out further; here's their Myspace.
The Band-
Michael Mazzarella - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Kristin Pinell - Lead guitar, Vocals
Annmarie Gatti - Bass, Vocals
Nancy Leigh - Bass
Kurt Reil - Drums

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