Monday, February 4, 2013

Wire (First Four Singles)

(per request, new rips, and a couple of new scans.)
I wanted to post something from Wire. I couldn't decide which of these I wanted, so I decided to give you their first four singles, which are (in my opinion) their best records.  Wire formed in London around 1976.They've been around in one form, or another to present day. During that span they released at least 11 full lengths, as well as 20 singles. I read in 2011 they plan to release the band's twelfth studio album,titled Red Barked Tree.

                                                                                                             Here's a few sites, where you can find information, news, etc; Pink Flag.com (official site), and Wikipedia.
The Band-
Colin Newman - Vocals, Guitar
Graham Lewis - Bass, Vocals
Bruce Gilbert - Guitar
Robert Gotobed - Drums
Harvest EMI Records 1977,77,78,79


Pep Sonic said...

Wow!!! Great share Mr. Frank, love this band!

Many thanks.

Cositronico said...

Absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much!!!

kennyhel77 said...

Fantastic blog. If you are not aware, Wire are due to release a new album soon. I have heard a track off of it and it was awesome! I have added you to my blog list. If you'd like to add me feel free. Keep up the great work!

kennyhel77 said...

never mind, my blog is on here already! Again, your blog is fantastic!!

Frank Miller said...

Originally, I was going to include a few tracks from the first LP,but it made the download pretty big, and unless I split it up, it would have been a burden to download.I love Wire's early records, that's why I included all four singles. I couldn't pick just one.Thanks for the comments, I'm glad you all enjoyed the post, and the site.

de verbaasde kabouter said...

Thanks so much!
I bought their vinylalbums, never the singles.
Great you serve 320kbp these days. I've made two private SUPER comps with downloads from your blog, but alas, that was in the 192 days.

Anyway, hope to find more fine seventies punk in the future, here.


Frank Miller said...

Hi Steven, It's not just the kbp, I have better equipment now as well, I agree, some post's could use to be redone, but the sounds not that horrible,and it would be quite an undertaking to do them all over again. Besides, I try not to look back, I have many more records I want to post up.Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like the site.

de verbaasde kabouter said...

Well, it's true Frank, you've got a very fine usb-mixer there! the sound really good now.
Most of my friends are - as I should, but then... - making their money as pro musicians, studio-wizzards etc which makes I have - ahum - very sensitive ears.

You're right though: don't look back. Maybe I'll try my luck for a repost around valentine :-)

PS how's your leg these days?

Frank Miller said...

Hi Steven, thanks for asking; my leg is fine. It's kind of weird having a ligament from a cadaver, and after developing bloodclots that almost killed me; I have really intense charlie horses all the time. But at least the knee stays together now. Thanks for the compliment, I'm still not completely happy, but I think the sound is improved. Thanks again

Hannes said...

I suppose you couldnt upload those again ? with mediafire ?? It would be so cool!

Frank said...

Hi Hannes,
Sorry for not getting back to you. I'll need a little time, but reposting the singles won't be a problem. Thanks for your interest, and take Care!

Woody said...

Very very very very goooood. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

Frank said...

Your welcome Woody! Thanks for the comment, glad you liked them.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks fella. Great accompaniment to bands like Magazine, G of 4, Siousxie & early Associates. Right up there in my book. A shame they don't receive more credit that they all deserve. Great blog.

Frank Miller said...

Unfortunately, so many great bands went unappreciated. Thanks for the comment and compliment.

Roberto França said...

Thank you very much, had never listened to these. :)

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Roberto, thanks for the comment!